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If you would like to be smitten by one of our kittens, please contact us for details!

Please allow 72 hours for a response

The first step in the process is to place an online inquiry.  We screen our future parents as best as we can because our duty is first and foremost to our kittens and our retirees.  We also try to match your needs with the best possible kittens.  We do not do allergy testing or sitting, so please dont ask (enlarged and in red for those who cannot see or feel entitled 12pt font).  

Finding the right breeder and kitten, is a lengthy and tedious process as you are starting a long-term relationship with your breeder and we will remain here to support you as long as you need.  We want this to be a positive experience for you and your future addition.  Therefore, please complete the form below to the best of your abilities.  A form with name and email and one response asking for price shows us a lack of respect and a lack of a desire to build a relationship.  This also shows us that you are not capable of supporting a kitten into adult hood with unexpected veterinary expsenses.  Those queries will automatically be declined.   Pricing only queries will be declined.

Please consider and advise on what is truly important for you in finding a breeder, as well as why your home will be the perfect home for our kittens. Health and nutritional questions are welcome.  Phone and email information are required. As we do not ship, city and state are needed as well.  You are required to pick up your kitten.


What you receive with our kittens

The animals used in our breeding program are tested for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) via an echocardiogram performed by a board certified cardiologist.  We also test our cats for PKD-1 and PKD(def) via genetic test, as well as 19 other known diseases and traits.  Kittens are guaranteed against genetic disorders for which tests are available to date via parentage.

Kittens are vetted.  

Depending on the age that kittens leave for their homes (12-16 weeks), they may have the following:

2 wormings will be completed

2-3 FVRCP vaccines will be completed, third may either be completed or may be the responsibility of the kitten family.

1 Rabies vaccine may be completed or may be the responsibility of the kitten family.  If you live in Washington DC, you may be responsible for your own rabies vaccine.  

ALL Kittens are spayed/neutered and cannot reproduce.  Kittens need time to heal after the surgery.

FeLV/FIV tested.  They are microchiped and registered with a cat fancy so bringing home a baby as simple and fun as possible.   

BREEDERS, we are highly selective of the lines and quantities of those lines who go to breeding, as well as the  lines they are bred with.  We hope for homes who show and homes who share our passion for health (testing,testing, testing). Our program is not for everyone.  Please inquire and state that you are looking for a breeding animal with a listing your show schedules, your testing program, pedigrees of consideration.  If my pedigrees dont help you, no need to get a kitten from me.  With our genomics background, we can help this breed be successful.

Kitten Inquiry
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If so, please explain
Your experience with cats:
Type of cat:
History of your felines/canine
How many hours will your pet be alone per day?
What do you plan to feed your new kitten?
Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies and or asthma?

What type of kitten are you looking for?

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What other breeds are you considering?
Have you worked with a breeder before?
How did you hear about us?

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